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Friends of the Earth host Extraordinary Banquet

Last night on the 14th March a unique evening of experimental food and mixology inspired by the life and principles of Linda McCartney was held in London. The evening featured one-off UK performances from singer songwriters, as well as an experimental dinner menu selected by Sir Paul McCartney.

Sir Paul McCartney said in the run up to the event, “Linda saw things differently; she saw the well-being of people and the planet as hand in hand. Friends of the Earth shares this vision and for 40 years has secured safer food and water, defended wildlife and natural habitats, and acted to keep our climate stable. I encourage you to join me and lend your support to Friends of the Earth.”

For more information about the event click here

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See our new TV ad!


See the McCartney family as you’ve never seen them before in our new TV ad. The ad also features the voiceover of singer songwriter, Elvis Costello and a whole host of psychedelic animal characters. Be transported to a fairy-tale world where characters like Horse boy, Napoleon Dog and Ballerina Cat join the McCartney Family in a musical fanfare and a woodland feast where they enjoy our new chilled range of meat-free foods.

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See our new chilled range here >

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Mary McCartney talks food with Metro

Mary McCartney

Mary McCartney talks to Metro about growing up around her mothers cooking, our new chilled range and about how being vegetarian has never been about being righteous.

Mary also shares two of her own recipes with Metro, a hearty One Pot Wonder Chilli and her Watercress and Advocado Salad.

Read the full article & recipes here

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Elvis and Paul McCartney Collaboration Revealed!

Read our exciting news just gone to press!

Elvis’ voice to be central part of Linda McCartney Foods TV Ad Campaign.

New animation shows the McCartney family as you’ve never seen them before.

Fans of rock n roll icon, Paul McCartney, have been speculating all week about a teaser trailer for a new animated track that found its way onto YouTube, finally in a statement issued today the McCartney Family confirmed what it is all about.

The family today confirm that the leaked track and accompanying animation are part of the #LoveLinda campaign they have been working on alongside the Linda McCartney Foods brand. This is the first time in 15 years that the brand has done TV advertising. The TV advert shows the McCartney family as you have never seen them before in animated form.

Singer songwriter, Elvis Costello, has provided the voiceover to the animation which in addition to the family, features a host of psychedelic animal characters.

Elvis Costello has been vegetarian since the early 1980’s and remembers Linda McCartney and all she strove for; “Linda always talked well and made it seem that you wouldn’t be joining a secret weird society by being vegetarian”

Produced by world renowned Passion Pictures, whose other work includes projects for The Beatles and The Gorillaz, the animation transports viewers into a fairy-tale world where characters including Horse boy, Napoleon Dog and Ballerina Cat join the McCartney Family in a musical fanfare that culminates with a woodland feast.

Airing for the first time on 28 January, the animation is part of a national #LoveLinda campaign to launch the new range of chilled meat free foods from Linda McCartney.

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Meat Free Monday in Schools

Watch Sir Paul McCartney’s message for the Sunday Times Festival of Education on the effect of Meat Free Monday in schools. He talks about his passion for the campaign and the importance of children to its success, saying “It’s the kids themselves that give us hope for the future.

> Watch the video here
> Visit the Meat Free Monday website to find out more

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NEW Food From Our Kitchen…

Fish Free King Prawns

A market first, our Fish Free King Prawns are extremely versatile and will allow you to create a wide range of delicious vegetarian dishes, without compromising taste or quality.
For vegetarian cooks looking to branch out, those trying to reduce their meat and fish intake, and people who suffer from seafood allergies – embrace Linda’s mouth-watering Fish Free King Prawns as your new turn-to staple, as they’re quick to cook and extremely easy to incorporate into your favourite recipes. Try them simply baked in a garlic, chilli and tomato sauce alongside couscous, or they can be served as part of a zesty lemongrass, ginger and bok choy stir fry. They’re the perfect inclusion for a Friday night Pad Thai, or can play the star role in a summery salad of avocado, toasted pine nuts and a lemon and herb dressing: the Fish Free King Prawns are a truly adaptable ingredient which can fit in to everybody’s cooking style. > More

Tuscan Topped Fillets

If you’re a fan of Mediterranean cuisine but can’t get away this summer, bring a little bit of Italy to your own kitchen with the new Tuscan Topped Chicken Style Fillets. Close your eyes as you take a bite of the tasty chicken style soya protein fillet, topped with a delicious tomato, courgette, black olive and mozzarella cheese topping and you’ll be transported straight to the country of romance, without the hefty travel fare. > More

Asparagus & Leek Tartlets

The newly launched Asparagus & Leek Tartlet, filled with asparagus, leeks and vegetarian hard cheese is not only delicious, but also extremely easy to cook. Simply bake in the oven and serve on a bed of watercress and a rocket leaf salad, with a layer of chunky coleslaw. And if you’re thinking of a weekend outdoors with friends, pop a few in your picnic basket and enjoy cold with a range of delicious salads. > More

BBQ Selection

If you need veggie options for a summer BBQ party this year, look no further than the brand new Vegetarian BBQ Selection Pack, which contains two Vegetarian Sausages, two Vegetarian Burgers and two BBQ Chicken Style Fillets. There’s no chance of veggies ever feeling left out of the BBQ celebrations again! > More

Quarter Pounder Burgers

For real burger lovers out there, 2 Vegetarian Quarter Pounder Burgers; delicious soya protein burgers with onions and a hint of garlic. > More

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Our Sausages win a Vegan Society Award!


We are delighted to announce that our sausages have won the Award for Best Non-trademarked Vegan Product 2011.

The Vegan Society received thousands of nominations throughout the summer for our sausages so a big thank you to all of you who voted, we’re really proud.

> Read more about the Vegan Society Awards 2011
> See our award winning Sausages
> Try our new Red Onion & Rosemary Sausages

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Vegetarian Living feature our new range


Vegetarian Living magazine said our Cranberry and Camembert Burgers went down very well with a “hardened meat-eater who usually shuns veggie fare”. They went on to say that our Mini Snack Sausages are “ideal for parties or to fill a lunchbox” – we couldn’t agree more!

> Read the full article here
> See our new range here

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More delicious new dishes have launched…

New! Special Edition Rosemary & Red Onion Sausages

Our new Special Edition Rosemary and Red Onion sausages bring a delicious, aromatic spin on a much-loved classic.

We’re famous for our award winning vegetarian sausages and these Special Edition Rosemary & Red Onion Sausages are no exception. The aromatic rosemary and sweet red onion sausages form the perfect centre-piece for a wholesome, warming meal with colcannon mash and port gravy.

And they taste just as good in crusty white bread for breakfast!

> See our Rosemary and Red Onion Sausages
> See our serving ideas for colcannon mash and port gravy

> Where to buy

New! Mini Snack Sausages

Our new Mini Snack Sausages are a smaller version of our best selling vegetarian sausages. They are perfect party food, tasty bite-sized nibbles great for dipping, or try them beer battered with mustard mayonnaise – simply serve and watch them disappear. Children will love them too, quick, easy and nutritious in lunchboxes or as a tasty, tea time treat.

Available in a 320g pack (approx 20 sausages) keep them in the freezer for last minute guests or midnight snacks!

> See our mini snack sausages
> See our serving ideas for beer battered mini sausages and mustard mayonnaise

> Where to buy

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