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Paul’s Egg White Omelette
Paul McCartney
Recipe Serves: 2

The delicate flavour of asparagus comes through well in this attractive pale green soup. If fresh asparagus is not in season, substitute canned – the result will still be tasty.

Take two Free Range and locally sourced eggs, separate out the yolks and put the whites in a small mixing bowl or cup. Add to the whites a teaspoonful of milk, any kind you like, I prefer soya or you can use regular or rice milk etc. Then take a small pinch of salt (I like sea salt but any kind will do) and add this to the egg whites and milk. Then take a whisk or fork and whisk the mixture together for a minute or so. Grate some cheese, any kind will do (I like Swiss or Red Leicester) until you have roughly a generous handful and put this to one side. Then take a frying pan and put it on quite a high heat and put a teaspoon of olive oil (or butter) in the pan to heat up.

When the pan is nice and hot, give the egg mixture one final whisk and pour it into the pan until it begins to solidify. Then, just before the omelette has hardened up, sprinkle the cheese across the middle of the omelette. Then take a spatula and fold the omelette in half. Press it down gently and then, after a half minute, turn it over and press the other side and abracadabra, it’s done! Enjoy. This is enough for two people.

P.S. If you don’t want, you don’t have to separate the egg whites and you can use the whole egg but the egg white version is considered to be a bit healthier. It’s easy to make, keep practising till you get it right and amaze your friends with your culinary expertise. Have fun, Paul (McCartney)

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