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Asparagus and Lemon Risotto
Linda McCartney
Feeds 4-6


3 tbs olive oil
2 shallots or 2 medium onions, chopped finely
1 clove garlic, finely chopped
1 stick celery, finely chopped
280g/10oz Arborio risotto rice
1 litre/1 1/4 pints vegetable stock, warmed
1 bunch asparagus, trimmed and chopped into 5cm pieces
6 fresh sage leaves, chopped finely
1 sprig roesmary, chopped finely
juice and zest of 1/2 lemon
50g/20z goat’s cheese or 4 tbs
soya cream
sea salt and black pepper to taste
grated vegetarian Parmesan to garnish

In a large saucepan, heat the oil and gently cook the shallots
(or onions), garlic and celery over a medium heat for approx 4 mins. Add the rice and stir well. Add 2 ladles of warm vegetable stock and stir until the rice has absorbed most of the liquid. Keep adding the stock gradually for about 10 more minutes, stirring frequently.

Add the asparagus, the herbs and lemon zest, and continue to cook gently, stirring frequently for approx a further 10 minutes. Don’t let the mixture dry out, add more stock if necessary. When the rice is cooked, mix in the goats cheese or soya cream and lemon juice, season to taste with salt and pepper and sprinkle with Parmesan (optional) before serving.

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